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    A few months ago I joined this wonderful forum, and received some great help and education on the great z750 twin.
    I intended to buy one from a local motorcycle shop who as a secret supply of old but unused bikes.
    He assured me he had one in 1977 red B2.
    Just what I wanted.

    Friday I went to see it.
    The paint was prefect a match to my old one, alas as I looked down I saw four pipes coming out of the cylinder head.
    Yes it was a z650 4 !

    So now I’m stuck!
    Any ideas how to get a great runner that needs no work on it ?
    I suppose that’s everybody else’s dream on here.



    I once did a google search ond found a stored one in barnstable, a good clean and fettle and it ran after 18 years, cost 50 quid, worth a try or wait n see what ebay turns up


    They don’t come around in that sort of condition very often.

    When you say ‘No Work’ do you mean that litteraly? Something like this Old Ebay Auction is probably as good as you will pick up anywhere without having to wait too long. Might be worth contacting the guy to see what he would take then throw a paint job at it.


    Yes that looks okay the electric start sounds like it needs some work.
    I’d re spray it to original colour and need a rear grab rail.

    But price not bad.

    Any idea why it was on a sorn ?



    The electric start is this bikes Achilles heel. I am always working with mine. I have seen the bike before 4 or 5 years ago and it was in a similar look to know. I have no idea why it would be SORN apart from just not being ridden. As I suggested before I would contact the seller and ask what he will take. Any problems you come across we can help you fix on here

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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