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    My name is Kurt.  I live in Lillesroem, Norway.  I recently bought a 79’( I think) Z750. Happy to be in the group, which looks great by the way.


    Hi Kurt and welcome. Will be good to see you around. Feel free to browse and post.

    From the picture you may have a 1976 B1. That is the paint finish. We can confirm age and model from the frame number.




    Thanks KK. From the engine nr. it looks like a -77


    The engine is definitely a B2 engine but the colour is B1. It is the frame that determines the model.

    B1 – 000001 to 016100 inclusive

    B2 – 016101 to 025700 inclusive


    Hi Kurt that’s a very Nice looking bike..

    I’m loving the wheels in silver… my look into that myself.

    Keep the photos coming .. I need all the inspiration I can get.. need to have the final push on my B1 to get her upto a better standard for next year.


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    Hi Tango, thanks for the reply,nice to see others with same bike.

    Back of summer and the old girl has given up on me. No spark. Checked coils, ok, checked wring and Found a few corodid wires. Repaired these and also replaced joints with nice bullet connectors. Some joints had twisted wires with tape around..poor.

    anyway started her up and she purred. Went out and she did it again. Managed to limp back. Gonna check a few more things, but Iwounder if this is why she allways had the miss fire that I could never solve. Lets see how if it goes when I solve the problem.

    hoppfully easier to find now has I have no spark at all.





    Did it feel like she was running out of power.. almost like a carb problem?

    I had a similar thing and it was the Reg Rec.. think they are separate units on the B1… but check you battery charge and make sure its charging when your running.

    Take a reading off the battery while it’s just stud.

    Then start it on idle and see what the reading is at while the bike is idling also get a reading at 4-5 k and see what that is.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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