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    Hi all, (Kaptain) my scrambler that has been ongoing for years is completed and moted today! I was furloughed last Monday and decided to use my freetime to finally finish the build. It rides like a raped ape! I’ll soon be selling off my spares as I’m moving on to my beloved GTR1000 and need the space!


    Hello stranger.

    I did notice you sniffing about and had wondered about that frame you knicked from under my nose ha ha.

    That’s a nice tidy project mate and looks quite the part.

    Is it for green lane or road use?



    Hi KK

    Once I’m happy with everything and the brakes are settled I will try some green lanes local to me.

    I have another tank to paint to match in KL colours but quite like the look at the moment. The baffle is a Supertrapp and it sounds fantastic!!! I’m hoping to keep it a while but the work front is rally shakey at the moment so may have to sell in the summer.

    The engine is a banger, really good and strong. Best cams I’ve ever seen!




    Looks like that bike will go anywhere,


    I’ll be giving it some stick on the dirt as soon as it’s registered, paperwork with the DVLA at the moment.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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