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    Well Folks it time that I got on with the next stage of my project.

    As those of you that have followed and helped from the start of my project will know, My idea is to have a motorbike that will satisfy my needs as to have a Classic bike with a Kick start, that not only has a standard look to its original design, but also one that can be something a little different as well.

    So my Idea after KK pointed me in the direction of the Kawasaki 750 Twin to be my Classic with a Kick Start was to build a motorcycle capable of touring, but also something I could change, so I decided that a 750 Twin Cylinder was screaming out to be a Café Racer as well!


    Let the planning and thinking begin! 💡 😕

    Step one … Be able to transform a standard looking bike into a Café Racer, but be able to put everything back to how it was! ??


    So I got my 1976 Kawasaki Kz750 B1 to this.


    A reasonably standard looking Twin.

    With the capability of Carrying a lot of luggage! Easily enough to be able to tour with!


    So Now for my Ideas as to the Transformer bit!.

    I have managed to find some Café Racer bars that suit the look that I’m going for.

    To me a café racer is not a major overhaul to the original motorbike, but more what the average 1950’s/60’s lad could afford to do to a motorcycle that had been handed down to them, normally from their father that used it for commuting to work! So I’m not going for anything major in the rebuild department!

    Besides when I was at the 2nd International Twin Meet in Belgium, I told (I’m Sorry I can’t remember his name!) a member of the German Forum, That I would not Cut my frame up! as he went white when he looked at my frame number? (Apparently its an early one!?) and I told him I was going to do a Café Racer with it! I was most sternly told that I could not do this with this Frame!

    So Promises were made that I would not cut the Frame up or modify the bike so that it could not be put back to original!



    So How do I make a Transformer, without modifying the frame!!??
    😳 😳 😳 😕


    Well Now…. I have a little bit of a confession to make here!

    But in my defence it was not! my doing!

    The above photos of the bike are with in its more Normal Standard Original look. But those Die Hard Twin gurus on here will notice that the rear mud guard is not a Kawasaki Unit, I had to use one that fitted the bike and would be useful for my needs later in the Transformer build.

    I had to use this imposter of a mud guard because somebody!! (Philpass):-D had already cut part of my beloved Early B1 frame off!! 😕 😥

    The part that holds the rear tail light! 🙄

    So that is why I had to use that rear mud guard, and for the Record!! I am sticking to my Promises made at the 2nd International Twin Meet! and I will Not cut up the frame!

    But I will add at this point! That I do still have the section that was cut off & I will Keep hold of it and not throw it away! 😉


    Well The 1st step in my book was to find some Café Racer Bars!

    Easy Job you think! Well Not so straight forward as you think.

    I went on Ebay found a set that I liked the look of and with the press of a button they were on there way to me!.

    But alas when they arrived and I tried to fit them to the bike! I found that there were a Few things I should have taken into consideration!

    1) Are the Bars wide enough to take the Master cylinder and switch gears.

    2) Are the Bars wide enough to fit around the bikes clocks!

    3) Are the Café Bars wide enough as not to look stupid when you fit them to the bike!

    The answer to all 3 of these questions in my case was No!! 🙁

    So Alas Back to the drawing board and Back to searching Ebay!


    Ok a week or so later I Did manage to find a set of Café Racer bars that met all of my requirements and they were ordered up!

    When they arrived the were offered up to the bike and I was happy with the fact that the were big enough for the switch gears to fit, and they went around the clocks and looked big enough for the bike!


    Next Problem Encountered with fitting Café Racer Bars as you can see from the above photo. Is the fact that because the Café Bars move forward bay wrapping around the clocks! Your front indicators are now right where your controls need to be!

    So Yes you guessed it! Back to Ebay to find some small in keeping smaller Indicators that can be fitted somewhere that wont get in the way, but can still be seen.?

    I have found some I think?, I’m just waiting for those to arrive.


    Now then… Next a Seat!?

    I have an idea that I would like to do a “Ton Up Two Up” Café Racer.

    One that if required could take a pillion. After all I am trying to get my wife out on the odd occasion and I think it could be fun to turn up to a local bike meet on a Café Racer for two!.

    Now Philpass came up with a nice idea and it is based on a standard seat! and it was supplied with all the spare parts when I 1st bought this project! I may well use this on the bike?

    He had trimmed a standard tail section and fitted it to the metal rim of a normal seat!


    The Other idea that I am working on is to do a 2nd Café Racer seat. But make this a Single seat conversion, I could do this by using a modified standard B tail unit and moving it forward and make a seat pan out of sheet metal to fit in the gap and fit foam in and have to custom covered?


    After a little playing with ideas, I am thinking about getting the foam reshaped something like this?


    I have a spare seat if you want to use it


    I have a spare seat and foam, just need to have it modified and covered 😉


    I’m liking the look with the foam hacked out but it don’t look to comfy to me.

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