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    have a good trip n ride safe


    Cheers Phil

    Last Day at work for me on Monday!:-)

    Then its Two Days of Packing, Cleaning & Final Checks ready for leaving Thursday morning! 😉


    Cheers Philpass. There’s no rushing so all should be good. Will keep you updated as best we can. You should be with us


    Well that’s it folks!

    If it hasn’t been done! it’s not getting done!

    And if it isn’t packed! We are buying it on the road!

    Just have to load the bike in the morning and hopefully at around 10.15am I will set off to meet KK.

    So I doubt I will get online before heading out, So I would just like to Thank All on here for all your support, help and advise. It is only for this site that I am in a position to be able to do this trip.

    Cheers! :pint:


    Ok now we are back from the 2nd International Twin Meet.

    How did it go?

    Well I will try to relive my 1st overseas road trip on a motorcycle and a 38 year old one at that!

    It all started on the Thursday Morning
    I got the bike loaded. OMG how much stuff? Well it looks a lot but mostly light.

    I left my house at around 10.40am full of excitement and anticipation.
    I’d never done anything like this before and to be honest I still didn’t know or trust my bike after only one big ride after all of those problems I had getting her on the road less than six months ago!


    At Andys after s brew and meeting up with Julie, we set off at around 12pm Midday. The sun was out and all was well.
    We had decided it would be a good idea to call in at the 1st Motorway Services to do a Luggage check,to make sure everything was secure after settling down with riding.


    So all looking good at the services we all mount up, fire the bikes up and roll out!
    Well in my case it was literally roll out, I stalled the bike and thought I had lost all electrics! So as the others rode off not seeing my stall! I thought that was me abandoned. But KK checks for everyone before any major moves such as getting on a Motorway! Top Man! 🙂
    He came back to see where I was? Only to find me pushing a fully loaded 750 Twin up the service road still clad in full riding gear and helmet on!
    No mean feet let me tell you! Pmsl.


    Well after a little panic and a breather to get my breath back,lol
    I turned the ignition on and all the lights came on and the bike fired!
    I guessed that I must have panicked and still had the bike in gear pushing the bike with the clutch in, and no oil light as I had turned off the ignition before the oil light had chance to come back on! Phew! Panic over and off we went heading to Ferrybridge Service’s to meet ChrisLWG & Tony. Sun Still blazing, Happy Days. 🙂


    We got to ferry bridge services, and had a brew.

    Tony arrived, and we waited for Chris.

    Well until Andy got a txt saying Chris was actually at Ferry bridge the place, Not the services. No real problem we just arranged another convenient meeting point and set off to meet there instead.

    On that ride I found that my bike was upset about something?
    Every time I put my indicator on the bike coughed and had a jerk and then was ok again.?

    Well we got to the new meeting point and I explained my problem, and it was felt that I had a loose battery connection? But we would live with it until we got to the ferry.

    We all fired up! Mounted up and got set to leave for the ferry!

    Well we did until I stood my bike upright and Lost all Electrics!!

    Apparently the cantankerous old girl! ( My Twin Not Andy!) Didn’t want to wait until the ferry! And she wanted sorting out now! God Damn It! 🙁

    So Yes I’m afraid it was another delay by me.
    We had to off load all of my gear to get to the battery under the seat! 🙁


    So sun beating down on us We finally dug the seat out so we could lift it to get to the battery!

    I had suspected that I had not tightened a battery terminal screw enough, when I had fitted an under seat charging point! 😳

    But no it wasn’t that. We found that the whole negative lead had come way from the terminal connector! 😕

    So a little faffing about we managed to open up the connector and refit the lead back in place. :hammer:

    We tested the bike. All seamed ok! :pint:

    So once we got everything loaded back on my bike we Set off for the ferry!.

    No more problems with any coughing when putting extra load on the battery. All lights and indicators were working and the bike felt great! 😎


    So after about a 40 miles of trouble free riding, we arrive at Hull Ferry Terminal.


    We Eventually got on board after Loads of Scooter riders, And the Small mishap of Andy Having Everybody’s boarding Pass Yup! You Guessed It! Everybody’s But Mine! 😮 😕 😥

    But It was no worries as He had all the booking References on his email, so he just went on his phone and got the reference number. And that was Fine. 🙂 :pint:

    So On board we all rode! We all got our bikes strapped down. and we all sighed a sigh of relief we had made it!

    We were on the Ship! … Nothing more could we do until we arrived in Rotterdam the next morning! and getting us there was another Kaptain’s Task! lol.

    So it was off to our cabins for a shower, and then meet up on deck for a Beer.

    We set sail on a warm and sunny evening the sea was like a mill pond! Very Calm.


    This is brilliant Tango Thank You. Please keep it coming . . .


    Well that Evening we all went to bed to get a good nights rest!

    That wasn’t to hard to do as, Well lets just say that we may have had a beer or two!. 😳 🙄 :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: 😀

    Up out of bed to another Glorious Sunny day! This trip was looking Better and Better!

    Once it was time for the Motorcycles to depart the ship, we all got the call to head down to the motorcycle parking deck, and ready ourselves for disembarking the ship.

    I was actually a little worried about this stage! As I was dreading there being another problem with my bike and holding a whole line of other people on their bikes up with some kind of problem! 😳 But no problem My bike fired second kick! ( My starter has a mind of its own? Maybe it will appease you and fire the bike?, Or maybe it fancies you having to work for your freedom!?)
    It is very hit and miss?

    But as I said the old girl started!
    I do apologise to Tony though as sometimes she gets oil in the left hand cylinder and starts with a puff of blue smoke!.. Opps sorry Tony.
    We all saddled up and got ready to roll.
    But then KK came back over!

    He had a problem now!..

    He had no left hand switch gear at all Nothing! So we would have to stop once we were off the boat and take a look at what the problem was?
    But at least the bike had started and was running so we could get off! 😉


    We got to the door way of the Hull and the Sun streamed in, I was glad
    of the drop down sun visor in my helmet.
    As our wheels left the deck and hit the ramp we started the decent onto foreign soil.

    I have to say the first thing that hit me was how clean everything was, the second thing that hit me was, Oh Shit we have to drive on the wrong side of the road over here! 😮

    But to be honest its amazing how fast you get use to that!

    So Sun visor still down we followed all the other bikers heading out into the flat lands! Following the canal boats along the canal and then turning onto the N15 to find the first Gas Station, and stopping ground to have a look at KK’s switch gear.

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