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    Good day!

    I am searching for a Starter Clutch Gear for my 1979 Twin Custom Café Racer.

    The part # 21170-003.

    I sure would appreciate any help locating this hard to find part.

    Thanks in advance!



    There do appear to be some available new although at a price



    No guarantee at these but worth asking.

    Used ones do come up on ebay.  I can also offer a used one.

    What is the problem with yours? Normally these fail after the starter clutch fails which causes chatter on the sprocket boss. They can be recovered in most cases by cleaning up the sprockets boss with emery paper.


    Hi Kapt

    Thank you. I have tried everywhere. Worried I will receive a part in worse condition than the one I now have.

    The diameter of the starter clutch gear is wavy, bumpy causing it to slip. I was initially worried about the ramps. I had read a few articles on the ramp of the starter clutch assembly wearing down. Of course I would like to have a NOS part but I truly think I’m dreaming. I know there is one sitting on a shelf collecting dust!


    We all would like NOS. Those 2 links I posted appear to list NOS at around £200. If that’s no good then it would have to be a used one. Try getting yours cleaned up, there’s is nothing to lose.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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