• Hi Kapt

    Thank you. I have tried everywhere. Worried I will receive a part in worse condition than the one I now have.

    The diameter of the starter clutch gear is wavy, bumpy causing it to slip. I was initially worried about the ramps. I had read a few articles on the ramp of the starter clutch assembly wearing down. Of course I would like to…[Read more]

  • Good day!

    I am searching for a Starter Clutch Gear for my 1979 Twin Custom Café Racer.

    The part # 21170-003.

    I sure would appreciate any help locating this hard to find part.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Good day,

    I started a complete frame off restoration on my 1979 Twin. I am building a café racer. I would like to know if there is anyone out there that has some experience in lacing wheels. I have two rims and 80 spokes in a box. The spoke configuration is as follows: 40 long, 20 medium and 20 short. I believe the rear wheel will utilizes 3…[Read more]

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    Nice to have the opportunity to share our ideas about these wonderful Twins. I look forward to learning more about these cycles. It would be nice to have more friends here in the States that share the Twin Passion.

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