Jack Horton

  • Well, not setting the world on fire with progress.  I always have too many projects going on.

    Bounce,  mine is a green one much like yours, except yours looks like new!  I only have one front disk and no strap on the seat.  The pinstripes on the tank look slightly different as well.  I have not been on a bike in over thirty years, we’ll see how it goes.

  • Hello all.  It seems that the KZ750 is more appreciated in England than here in the states.  I bought my bike new in 1978, it was love at first ride.  I had a Honda 350G before and this was like a big 350.  I loved the torque.  In 1982 I bought a 1973 BMW R75/5 and not long after the KZ750 ended up stored in my Dad’s basement.  Fast forward 40 ye…[Read more]

    • The twin isn’t overwhelmed so much by the fascination by four cylinders as it used to be. Vertical twins seem to be coming back into fashion, albeit mostly with 270 degree crankshafts. The only thing that it lost out on originally was straight line top speed, mine bought new in 1976 would show 110/115 flat on the tank, which was actually as good a…[Read more]

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