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    Hi to everyone. My name is lee and have various bikes and one being the b. Owned for a couple of years and ride it all the time and  I would say my main ride.  Sorry should mention  I’m from up north…goole. I find it very comfy so tend to ride it the most. Please don’t judge me when I upload images as I bought it like that. Please let me know, should l leave it or change it? It has a few problems at the mo. Broken engine bolt and yes the usual starter clutch. With a little help from Andy I got it off and found it cracked. Luckily got spare with it so now replaced, just waiting for gasket. Help needed; can I buy just the gasket or do I have to buy the full set? Re-wired in headlight as it was held together with twisted wires with tape round every connection. Now has nice bullet connectors as it should. I thought I would show how I removed Broken bolt as it might help others. I know some fear this but I have done many over the years and have a few ways depending on the type of break. That’s it for now.






    Hello Leejohn  and welcome to our site.


    Yes  you have probably the most common ailment of these bikes, the electric starting problem. I am familiar with stud removal but it is always helpful to see how others deal with the problem because as you say the method you use varies with the type of break.

    I look forward to seeing pics of your old girl. You won’t be judged on it’s condition but whichever way you decide to go i’m sure you will get advice. Please add the pictures to this post and not your profile as no one will know they are there.

    I will check what gaskets I have. You can usually get them off ebay singularly but in my opinion it’s far more economical to buy a full set at the right price.





    Hi Kaptainkwak, thanks for the message and I have added this photo which has a pic of the old girl but will put more on later.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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