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    I work Monday to Friday so difficult for me to spend time midweek. I could call over but only for an hour or 2.


    Spoke to z-power again today and got same excuse. “Struggling to find the condensor”

    looked on ebay and there’s a few. But some show two. Some a black one and some a green one which appears to be the opposite way around to the black one.

    question is which one should I have.

    I will have a look at mine later. But i want to know which I SHOULD HAVE.
    not what I have.



    The Condenser for the B’s is Kawasaki part no. 21013-034. There are plenty on Ebay but seem to be in USA. They also show on Holland ebay and German Ebay but again these are in the USA.

    As far as the wire colour is concerned I do not think that matters. If memory serves me right the Kawasaki part had Blue wire but I seem to also remember seeing them in green, brown and black


    The condenser is also used on all these models;

    KZ400 (1974)
    KZ400-A1 (1977)
    KZ400-A2 (1978)
    KZ400-D (1975)
    KZ400-D3 (1976)
    KZ400-D4 (1977)
    KZ400-S (Special) (1975)
    KZ400-S2 (Special) (1976)
    KZ400-S3 (Special) (1977)
    KZ750-B1 (1976)
    KZ750-B2 (1977)
    KZ750-B3 (1978)
    KZ750-B4 (1979)


    the G model LTD uses condenser part no. 21013-1002. I don’t know why the G would have a different condenser as the set up is the same. That would suggest to me it is an improved one and they are available in the UK

    Try this buddy NOS Condenser


    Ok I have been out I have taken a photo of what is on my B1

    I have had a New one fitted So It looks like it’s an Ebay replacement!


    The Blue Wire ones I have 3 of those and it looks like the Green Wire one has a longer wire so it supersedes the blue one.

    This was most likely done as now Kawasaki can have one part number that fits a few bikes.

    But either the Blue or Green wire condenser will fit and work.

    Hope this reassures you.


    new condenser arrived today and I am now getting a spark at the points but no spark at the plugs.

    are my coils dead???


    Beef are the two wires Plugged into your Coil?

    There is a Red & Yellow? I think it is from the Right Hand Switch Gear

    And a Blue Wire coming up from the bottom of your Points cover.
    (You can Just see it on the Photo of my Points and Condenser that I put up)


    Oh and Just in case!

    Clean the two faces of the Points by folding a bit of glass paper or fine sand paper and sliding it through the points with them closed on the surface of the paper or even a small file! But don’t change the gap by over doing/straining the points.

    And Also make sure you had the Plug Earthed WELL! to the engine when you check for a spark! Ive fallen for that one before now!


    The wires are there and connected.
    plug was earthed to engine properly. I also tried in a few other spots.
    Points were cleaned as well….


    Ok The other thing you can do is Check your coil with a multi meter.

    Here’s a Basic How to Check a Coil.



    that’s what my wiring breaks down as, I don’t have a connection at the back of the coil to open to test.
    have spent another two or three hours pissing about with this thing today….

    this bike is getting nearer and nearer to the for sale stage


    Yes that looks right.

    The Red & Yellow goes into the loom and then into a block connector upto the R/H switch gear.

    But the coil wires should have two bullet connectors before the wires go into the main loom.


    If you have not got these on view?

    It could be that they have been wrapped up with electrical tape once they have been connected, So it looks like they are going into the Main Loom.

    You may have to unwrap it?

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