• No mate it was an auto immune thing, guillain barre syndrome, now listed as a possible side effect of the astra zenika jab, which i had. Best part of 7 months in hospital i was paralysed in icu for some of it. I am back home now on crutches and getting some physio, will be long job but getting back in the workshop is the short term aim and back…[Read more]

  • Hi Andy

    Not posted for a while, not been well,  still in hospital and will be for a good while yet. Hope to get on with the kawasaki when I get home again  good therapy!


  • Wiring my least favourite. Good luck!

  • Morning

    A little progress, made engine mounting hardware with the help of my new 1948 lathe and got the engine fitted. Carbs cleaned and fitted with new intake rubbers. Still a lot to do and not enough garage time and other things in the go but i feel like I have turned a corner now, putting things together instead of pulling them apart.


  • Thats a lot of work there, and a nice bike at the end of it. Nice one.

  • Karl replied to the topic Hi from Karl in the forum New Member Introductions 1 year ago


    Yes mate fingers crossed would be a major sense of humour test if it went bang! Finally got frame back.from the powder coaters good job but they overcharged me (in my opinion) for the wheel rim and hub. I wasn’t happy with the frame first time around so took it back and they agreed to do it again free of charge.  Took forever and then…[Read more]

  • Jim

    Jet washer might bring the old paint off, xs650 chops are quite popular with the man bun brigade,  it may be worth advertising the rolling chassis complete,  I imagine a Yamaha engine would go in there with new mounts made up.


  • Been a bit quiet lately,  been busy last couple weeks with an old lathe I bought without really thinking through how to move it! Job done now, back.to the kawasaki,  final piece in the puzzle (engine wise) was an oil pump gasket, now sorted by Andy off this site, thanks. Cleaned and sprayed the engine,  probably a bit cold but I won’t be to…[Read more]

  • Jimi

    That doesn’t look bad, mine had no head steady fitted either, it has one made up to go on it now, if the engine ever gets back in the frame! They look like xs650 forks and wheels.


  • KK

    Shims arrived today,  fitted and gaps are good. Depending on work I might get cams in and a lick of paint on it on Monday.



  • Hello Jimi

    I have something similar,  abandoned chop missing loads of parts, near got the engine back together now. This site has been a great help for both parts and advice. Good luck with yours and let’s have a look!




  • Karl replied to the topic Hi in the forum New Member Introductions 1 year, 2 months ago

    Thats tidy

  • Ok, valves refitted for second time, still not right but made a step in the right direction,  I now have a gap on all valves using the 2.3mm shim.you sent me to try. I Will attach a picture  of my workings out,  can you double check the figures and can you now supply the correct sized shims?


  • Yes mate, hes taking a little off the valve tips. He mentioned getting shims done but he doesn’t have the right equipment for that. He’s taking the 0.1mm for the gap off today, that I forgot to factor in. There was no gap at all, in fact to start with the back of the cam lobe where to take your gap measurement from was pressing against the shims…[Read more]

  • <p style=”text-align: left;”>Two trips to Preston (so far) to try and get a gap, my first lot of working out didn’t include the gap! Thankfully dave is a patient man. He warned me that we might loose the gap after doing the valves and seats, but they were no use as they were. Hoping they are ready tomorrow,  if not it will be another week before…[Read more]

  • Well true to form  its not giving in easily, checked the rest today, no gaps. I spoke to dave that did the valves and seats for me and he said will grind enough off the valve tips to give me 0.10mm using my original 2.65mm shims, or at least thats the plan. Good to know you have more shims just in case!

  • KK

    Shim arrived yesterday,  thanks, tried it this afternoon on one of the exhaust valves, gave me a gap of 0.08mm result! I wont be checking the other three for a few days as I am now on nights. Light at the end if the tunnel?


  • Ok thanks,

    see how we go, fingers crossed

  • Morning kk

    Manual says thinnest shims are 2.2mm, mine are all 2.65mm and tight. Can you supply one 2.2mm shim and I will see what if any gap that gives me?


  • Evening jon

    I had my frame powder coated gloss black for £110 however I had to take it back there were two rough areas on the headstock,  grease contamination apparently, shame was spot on otherwise,  still to pick back up. All being well I will get my rusty steel rims and hubs done next, not had price for that yet.

    I like that colour on yours.


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